Avidog Tagline for Medium, Large & Giant Breed Puppies(36") - Puppy Training


Taglines are one of the best puppy training tools! They help you teach your pup not to bite or nip you, jump up, chew on furniture and belongings, and steal things. A tagline gives you a handle that allows you to teach your puppy while keeping your body safe. You can step on or reach for the tagline before helping your puppy do the right thing. In addition, you can also use the tagline and your pup’s opposition reflex to teach good behaviors.

This size tagline is also perfect for breeders to use while pups are still in the puppy pen to start their pups on leash training. Typically, a pup’s first reaction when it feels the leash is to buck and plunge, fighting the leash. However, if breeders put taglines on their pups in a supervised play session, the pups teach themselves that leash pressure is nothing to worry about. The taglines become just another toy as pups drag each other around. At first, a pup might get worried but in short order, they are tugging and pulling on each others’ taglines and generally having a blast. Shorten the taglines to fit your breed and help your pups get started today.

Taglines — The Puppy Tool You Shouldn’t Be Without.

Tagline: 36” long (including clasp)
Clasp: 1.25” long (Heavy duty)

My dog chewed through it in 10 minutes